Pop-up Shop in Shoreditch 9-13, September, 2022

I AM VOLYA kicked off with a launch event on the 9th of September at 7 Club Row, London.

The event space was located in the heart of London creative district - Shoreditch, on the corner of the hipster-honeyspot Redchurch street next door to the famous Shoreditch House, Browns East and local’s favourite Jolene.

For the first time in London there were presented 18 Ukrainian brands - from well-established names such as KSENIASCHNAIDER, TTSWTRS and Gunia Project to some truly niche and artisan Ukrainian manufacturers.

Our selection included unisex items, Ready-to-wear womenswear, knitwear, fashion jewellery, lingerie and homeware - from candles to ceramics and textile.

We have also presented some iconic pieces of Ukrainian fashion, including Bobkova Suit worn by the first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska; TTSWTRS bodysuit seen on Winnie Harlow and Khloe Kardashian; KSENIASCHAIDER jeans - spotted on Bella Hadid on the streets of New York.

Some of our brands have a truly unique story and mission.

For instance, Ochis is the first sustainable eyewear brand that makes frames from used coffee grounds. Yuval’ is a jewellery brand founded by entrepreneurs from Mariupol that took their inspiration from the now occupied city. Chereshnivska is a brand that utilises vintage parachute fabric in their designs.

Brands like Bobkova and ELENAREVA are examples of well-established fashion houses in Ukraine, that have a remarkable tailoring and quality and truly deserve to be recognised in the UK scene.

The crowd was a mix of Ukrainian creatives and local fashionistas. During the five days of the pop-up we had visitors from all over the world including tourists from the US, Japan, Israel, purchasing items from our selection and travelling back home with Ukrainian products.