Earth Month: Ukrainian Brands Leading the Charge in Sustainability

As we turn our focus towards sustainability during Earth Month, a wave of innovative Ukrainian brands is making significant strides in eco-friendly practices. From upcycled fashion to biodegradable products, these five Ukrainian brands are not just participating in the global green movement; they are leading it, proving that creativity and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Rekava Candles

Rekava crafts sustainable, eco-friendly candles from recycled coffee grounds, capturing the essence of Ukrainian cities through unique scents. With biodegradable containers and lids, premium soy wax, and natural wicks, Rekava stands at the forefront of environmental consciousness. Their innovative approach extends to disposal, encouraging customers to repurpose candle containers as plant pots, complete with a marigold-growing kit.


Chereshnivska is a forward-thinking Ukrainian brand from Lviv known for its unisex clothing and commitment to sustainability. Their innovative approach includes the use of vintage 1980s parachutes for clothing, alongside upcycled denim in their signature patchwork jeans. Each product tells a story of creative reinvention, blending style with a mission to reduce waste and promote sustainable fashion.


Founded in 2011 by Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, the brand is at the forefront of sustainable fashion. Renowned for upcycling thousands of jeans annually, the brand masterfully turns pre-loved denim into avant-garde, eco-conscious pieces, demonstrating the power of transformative design in reducing waste and promoting sustainability within the fashion industry. A standout project, their Denim Fur technique, repurposes vintage jeans into luxurious, eco-friendly items, making a bold statement against animal cruelty and for sustainability.

Ochis Eyewear

Ochis Coffee introduces the world's first eyewear crafted from recycled coffee grounds and flax, setting a new standard in sustainable fashion. These frames not only stand out for their unique coffee aroma but are also designed to biodegrade, contributing to a zero-waste future

Celebrating Earth Month, we highlight the dedication of these Ukrainian brands to sustainability. Their efforts are a testament to the impact of environmentally conscious choices and serve as an inspiration for us all to adopt more sustainable practices in our daily lives.